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ADP 038 How Divorce Can Affect Daughters

Kent reviews Kate Spicer article and supporting research on how Father Hunger can affect daughters and how to overcome the […]


Importance of Reviewing Boundaries

Did your Boundary work? In the last of this boundary series, Kent Darcie discusses the importance of reviewing the effectiveness […]


Enforcing Boundaries with Divorced Parents

Enforcing boundaries can be hard. Kent discusses how to approach this challenge in the 5th on this series on boundaries.


Communicating Boundaries with Divorced Parents

In the 4th of this Boundary series, counselor and author Kent Darcie discusses the importance of communicating boundaries.


Creating a Boundary

Counselor and author Kent Darcie discusses the basics for creating a boundary. Part 3 in this series on Holiday Boundaries […]


ADP 037 Why is Christmas important?

Paul Harvey: A Christmas Story Kent shares a classic Paul Harvey story that illustrates in very simple terms why the […]

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