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It’s Ok NOT to be OK!

Counselor and author Kent Darcie discusses how parental divorce can create situations that mess with our brains. The problem is […]


The Anger Monster

Counselor and author Kent Darcie discusses the importance of addressing anger in adults with divorced parents


Helping Adults with Divorced Parents Overcome Sadness at Christmastime

This episode of 2 Minutes of Counseling for Adults with Divorced Parents looks at ways to overcome sadness at Christmastime. […]


Kent Darcie Interview on Choose a Better Path: Overcoming the Impact of Your Parents’ Divorce book

In this video, Kent Darcie answers questions about the impact of parental divorce on the kids when they grow up, […]


An Overview of Gray Divorce

Kent Darcie (Adult Children of Divorce Ministries) gives a brief overview of Gray Divorce and it’s impact on the adult […]


Between Two Worlds The Spiritual Lives of Children of Divorce

Elizabeth Marquardt explores the inconsistencies children of divorce experience and the lingering impact on them as adults.


Voice of the Child of Divorce

Monica Epperson summarizes the feelings of her story and the feelings of children experiencing their parents’ divorce.


New Book! Choose a Better Path: Overcoming the Impact of Your Parents’ Divorce Book

This video overviews the powerful new book that can help adults with divorced parents overcome the lingering impact of their […]


The Loyalty Challenge

As part of his teaching on anger, Kent Darcie discusses the “loyalty challenge” children and adults with divorced parents can […]