The Life-Giving Wounds Ministry

Life-Giving Wounds is a ministry that provides workshops, weekend retreats, ACD support groups, and other resources for adults with divorced parents. Dr. Dan and Bethany Meola are the founders of the four-year-old ministry.

I spoke with Dan about 5 years ago when he was developing the concept through a ministry called Recovering Origins. I was impressed with his passion for ACD and the unique weekend he’d set up.

Since then, he and his wife took what they learned in Recovering Origins and developed a solid vehicle ACD can access for their healing journey. While boldly dealing with the frustrations and pain of parental divorce, it is firmly rooted in the true healing only Jesus Christ can supply.

While it is targeted toward young adults, all ACD are welcome. Topics on their weekend retreat include:

  • Finding Our Deepest Identity
  • Faith and Our Relationship with God
  • Love, Dating, and the Sacrament of Marriage
  • Loneliness
  • Anger and Anxiety
  • False Guilt and Shame
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Family Boundaries
  • The Christian Meaning of Suffering
  • Healing and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist
  • And more!

Life-Giving Wounds is a ministry of the Catholic Church. Feel free to contact them at with any questions.

Their next weekend retreat is in Michigan at the end of this month.

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