Celebrating our 25th Podcast!

Our 25th podcast is uploaded! This program dealt with helping adults with divorced parents move from being hope-less to hope-full. The purpose of this ministry is to restore hope that healthy and lasting relationships can be achieved. This particular podcast built on this foundation.

In other podcasts we’ve discussed anger, dealing with fears, forgiveness, gray divorce, and more. I also interviewed Chris Martin who authored 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Parents Got Divorced & Remarried.

With my schedule, it’s been difficult to create podcasts more frequently, but it looks like things are finally settling down. There are some interviews I’m pursuing and a wealth of topics yet to be discussed so I plan to increase the regularity of uploads. If you have a topic you feel would help other adults with divorced parents, please let me know!

This information in these podcasts is so helpful for adults with divorced parents, divorced parents, spouses of ACD, and those who know people touched by parental divorce, so feel free to share them!

Thank you for letting others know about this important ministry!

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